Wo, Wi, Wip what does it mean? *

Choose your role … and change it whenever you want.
* Wo with an o like « out » is the person who is on the move, in a position to be welcomed.
* Wi with an i like « in », it is the person who is in his city, his village, in a position to welcome.
We add a P to make Wip, if he is professional.


Wo, I am a happy tourist!

● I live authentic and serene experience to meet friendly French
● I have a « hotline » for any situation: information, help, troubleshooting, smile…
● I discover terroirs, cultures with available locals
● I’m quiet because the identities are verified, the meetings are historized and evaluated
● Wip professionals available, committed and caring welcome me with a smile

Wi, I love to welcome!

● J’ai l’opportunité d’être actif et de participer à un projet humaniste en offrant, quand je le veux, du temps à nos visiteurs
● I contribute to France positive image
● I meet people from all over the world, from all horizons
● I have the opportunity to practice foreign languages
● I share the love of my homeland, my culture, my hobbies
● I am secured by the verification of identities, the historization and the evaluation of the meetings

Wip, friendly and pro!

First, I am a Wi, and more …

• My activity (accommodation, food, leisure, site …) is visible and geolocated
I have a dedicated page on the app to present and showcase my activity and friendly people working there
I get extra traffic (friendly customers, of course!)
My warm welcome, and that of my collaborators, are hilighted and proven by verified users

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