Welcoming France – the France which welcomes visitors – is the network of friendly French people. Each member carries humanistic values ​​and is available to welcome and help in his city, his village, his region the French and foreign visitors. And when he is traveling himself, he attaches great importance to meetings and can count on the other friendly French network. Each member may, depending on the circumstances, be Wi or Wo:
• Wi: with an « i » as « in« , when he is at home, 
• Wo: with an « o » as « out » when he is on the move.

To highlight the Wi that are available as part of their business, we call them Wip – with a p as pro. It is also a way to be transparent by recognizing the voluntary status or not of everyone.
The Wip is above all a Wi, sharing the values ​​of Welcoming France, the network of friendly French.

« To travel without meeting the other,
it is not to travel,
it is to move »

(Alexandra David-Néel)

  We, the initiators of Welcoming France, the network of friendly French, wanted to bring together under this identity the people, French or Francophiles who, eager to promote the welcome in France, recognize themselves in strong values: • Humanism : Every person, wherever he comes from, deserves respect and consideration, as long as his intentions are good. • Fun: Welcoming our visitors, being welcomed when we travel, is first and foremost a source of joy and satisfaction. • Tolerance and openness: Cultures and customs vary greatly from one country to another, from one region to another. We recognize it, accept it, and see it as a chance to become better by the mutual benefit of our richness. • Mutual aid: Because they know that it is often more difficult to solve problems far from home, Welcoming France network members help each other as much as they can. • Culture, Heritage: The members of the Welcoming France network are aware of living in places full of history and beauty. They learn and share their love of their land. Because as Alexandra David Neel says: « To travel without meeting the other, it is not to travel, it is to move »

Being welcoming, available and reliable
Where I live, I am as much as possible ready to meet, to help, to advise a French or foreign visitor who solicits me, and to devote the necessary time in a spirit of service. If I accept a relationship, I make every effort to ensure that the person who solicited me is satisfied with our meeting.

Being honest and transparent
I completed my profile with my true identity, I speak and understand the languages I indicated. I allowed Welcoming France to check my phone, my email. Eventually I provided my ID and a recent photo of me. If I’m doing business, I signed up as Wip.

Play the game of cross evaluations with frankness and kindness
After each contact through the application, I will be called to evaluate the meeting. I give my evaluation in all honesty, as much for what I liked that for what I disliked. In return, I accept the assessment of the person I met and take into account the comments received.

Being truly volunteer
I adhere to Welcoming France’s principles because I share humanist values. My membership is neither for pure interest nor under duress.

In the spirit of service to the people I meet, I share my knowledge, my top tips and good deals, my contacts so that they have the best experience of our meeting. I am happy to discover what I know: natural sites, monuments, activities, arts, gastronomy, etc.

Promote the good French welcome, as a Wi or a Wip
I am proud to belong to a wonderful country, to my terroir. I do everything I can to make visitors – the Wo – appreciate them so that they have a great memory of them, want to come back and promote them once they have returned home.
In addition, I encourage the friendly French around me to join the network.

Be confident, open and curious, as a Wo
When I visit a region of France, I am respectful of the culture and customs of the place I visit. I’m looking for friendly relationships, and I know that meetings with network Wi are secure. I prefer merchants or craftsmen who display benevolence and smile by their membership of the network Welcoming France.

Welcoming France is a network of friendly and attentive people to each other. For a smooth operation with confidence, each member agrees to respect the following rules. In case of non-compliance found, any member may be excluded from the network without notice.
• Conditions of registration at Welcoming France: The use of Welcoming France is reserved for natural persons aged 18 or over. By accessing, using or registering on the Platform, you declare and certify that you are 18 years of age or over.
• Real identity: I register under my real name (no pseudonym), I put a recent photo that represents me simply. I would appear in the interface with my first name and the initial of my name (Example: « Dominique L. »). I provide a mobile number and an email address that Welcoming France checks.
I acknowledge and agree that any reference to « verified » or similar information on the Platform means only that a Member has successfully completed the existing verification procedure on the Platform in order to provide me with more information about the Member that I plan to meet. Welcoming France does not guarantee the veracity, reliability or validity of the information that was the subject of the verification procedure.
• One registration per person: It is forbidden to create several profiles for the same person. Only natural persons can join. Membership remains personal and voluntary, even when its cost, for a Wip, is borne by a public or private legal entity.
• Sincerity of information provided: My profile contains at least five information visible to other members: nationality, languages ​​spoken, gender, age (year of birth), center of interest. I undertake to inform sincerely this information.
• Clear distinction between volunteer and pro: As a « simple » Wi, I strictly abstain from being paid for my services. My membership is free. If I want an activity for which I am paid to be linked to my profile, whether or not I am registered in a professional register, I sign up as a Wip and I pay my membership fee.
• Voluntary membership: Anyone joining the Welcoming France network does so on their own, because they share their philosophy and objectives. It is forbidden for anyone with authority (employer, funder, etc.) to compel anyone to join.
• Acceptance of publication of the profile, opinions and photos: In order for another member to meet me with confidence, he has access to the information of my profile (nationality, languages ​​spoken, sex, age (year of birth), centers of interest), as well as assessments and opinions filed by other members at previous meetings. If a person met publishes a picture I have agreed to ask, I accept the publication.
• Use of the app and the website: I use the tools or website of Welcoming France to provoke and « formalize » meetings. Beyond linking, these tools make it possible to record meetings and to enrich the profile of each member in a useful way.
• Feedback, sincere appreciation: The quality of the network is based on mutual trust, I answer after each connection to the solicitation to evaluate it. I carry my evaluation and my comments with sincerity and kindness, because I know that they will be visible and useful for the other members.
• Personal responsibility: The meetings that I make via the Welcoming France service take place under my full responsibility. It is up to me to decide whether or not I accept a match, to continue or terminate it according to how it unfolds. Welcoming France makes every effort to secure the profiles but can not be held responsible for the individual behavior of its members.
In order to maintain the best level of trust and security in the network, I immediately report any inappropriate behavior. I am informed and I accept that Welcoming France communicates to the competent authorities any information necessary for the manifestation of the truth in the framework of a possible judicial procedure.
• Respect of the legislation in force: In my action of Wi, Wip or Wo, I respect the laws in force and I do not invite anyone to break them.
• Access to personal data: The user database is declared to the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés (CNIL). I have access to my data that I can modify or delete on request. For more info check out our nice privacy policy!